LX 600 Ultra Luxury By Lexus

Lexus caters to the ever-evolving wants of the luxury customer and with the LX range expanded to five models Standard, Premium, Luxury, and first-ever F Sport and Ultra Luxury, Lexus has an LX 600 for anyone looking for a full-size luxury SUV. Today’s luxury customer is younger, more dynamic, style obsessed and more versatile in their approach to expression in every part of their life. That new luxury customer relies on tech/style in their homes and on the road – style and technology that can go anywhere and do anything. Street capable luxury is just not enough anymore, taking usability and comfort off-road, to the construction site, or the dessert roads of Santa Fe, New Mexico while maintaining a mobile office and personal sanctuary is a necessity. With a 2nd row that can go from a work-station to a day spa with one touch, assures the perfect conditions to balance work/life no matter the location.


The LX 600 Ultra Luxury, is a four-seat style-experience full-size SUV that gives special attention to the rear passenger, complete with that front-of-cabin-space you find on most major airlines. With the front passenger seat moved forward you can recline up to 48 degrees all the while enjoying the rear seat display. All is done with one button and to make your time even more fab, a footrest behind the front passenger seat can be deployed to top off your comfort and chill time.



Unparalleled capability, luxury, and technology

From the curved headrests, seatbacks, and cushions, the seats are shaped to help maintain a secure posture, while the use of soft urethane with superior vibration absorption performance helps to suppress any unwanted movement.

Sunshades on the side and quarter windows, reading lights, and a rear seat display are standard and the air conditioning system offers unique overhead ceiling vents for a full-body comfort breeze experience. The rear control panel manages all functions including space for wireless charging, cup holders equipped with a lid, and a large console box that provides ample storage space. The DC power supply, USB, and headphone jacks are also located within to provide added functionality.
The LX 600 Ultra Luxury is nothing but a fabulous way to travel, built for those that like a little ‘extra’ in every facet of their lives. LX 600 Ultra Luxury.


The ultimate sport-utility flagship