Christopher John Rogers










Color Bling

Collection OO8

In this playful, colorful, and sculptural collection Designer Christopher John Rogers celebrates his love of fashion. Focusing on the beautiful, the joyful, the energetic, the flattering and the fun Rogers collection is a neon green light to fashion freedom. Gone are lofty, and trend-following thematic inspirations. This collection is the work of a creative master craftsman and artist. The result, while in some instances tamer than the designer often a voluminous signature, is chic, happy, and affirming. From the loud and attention-grabbing red carpet looks to the subtle enhancement to day-suits the designer’s use of ‘color-bling’ imparts regal energy to the pieces in this collection. CJR, who had dressed Michelle Obama and created Kamala Harris’ purple inauguration blatantly equated color with freedom, confidence, independence. and liberation. Christopher John Rogers, the winner of the 2020 CFDA American Emerging Designer of the Year, is expanding his reach with an exciting collaboration that is now available at Target.

Christopher John Rogers.