Bulgari Le Gemme Yasep


Le Gemme Yasep

From Bulgari High Perfumery Collection

Photography: David Lewis Taylor.

Hey guys, how about elevating our sex appeal this fall with Bulgari’s Le Gemme Fragrance Collection? This collection of High Perfumes represents a journey in search of precious stones. In this collection, exotic olfactive ingredients are mixed and transformed into jewel-like fragrances. The matte black obelisk-like bottles, topped with gemstone-colored caps and trimmed in warm gold, embody strength and stature.
Le Gemme Yasep, crafted by the highly acclaimed perfumer Jacques Cavallier, is inspired by the blood-red Jasper from Madagascar. This sensual fragrance pairs vibrant woody musks is accentuations and second notes of Sichuan pepper, Sicilian Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Vetiver. This exquisite fragrance celebrates the mystical energy of the Roman god Mars. Bulgari.