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BMW i7
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This Is Forwardism

In this new world full of electrified luxurious sedans, BMW has leapfrogged the competition with the i7.  From within BMW’s electric flagship sedan,  you feel immersed in the spaciousness of a loft on wheels. Not only does it coddle you with comfort, but its technology is on par, or maybe even better, than what you may have in your own home.


Driving down Rodeo Drive, you would have thought that the i7 was part of a runway fashion show with all the attention that it was getting. I felt like a celebrity behind the wheel with all the eyes on me. Its distinctive illuminated grille and sharp styling make the i7 an immediate stand out. People stopped in the crosswalk to take photos and check out this ride’s unique style.


While its styling caught their attention, in reality, all those onlookers just wanted to take a seat inside. The i7’s cabin is next-level luxury with the highest quality materials, immensely comfortable seats, and the latest technology. The front of the cabin is dominated by BMW’s cool Curved Display that combines a 12.3-inch gauge cluster and a 14.9-inch infotainment system.


But if you want the ultimate experience you’ll want to press the button to automatically open the rear doors and take a rear seat in front of the 31-inch “Theater Screen” that looks fabulous with its 8k resolution. There are also integrated 5.5-inch touchscreen panels in each rear door that let you customize the settings to create the perfect lounge experience.




Monolithic Design Language

Simply press Theater Mode on the side touch screens and the screen folds down from the roof and the window shades rise to provide the ultimate theater-on-wheels experience.


Turn on the massaging seats at the same time and you’ll never want to leave the back seat, even when the i7 is parked outside your house. Many would say that BMW is late to market but let them talk, the first-ever BMW i7 proves that you can have it all, with its 296-mile electric range, distinctive styling, and fabulously luxurious cabin.

Words By Guest Editor Marc Carter From The Torque Report Photograph On Location In Palm Springs, CA


Ultimate Entertainment Experience


31-inch, 8k resolution rear screen