BMW CEO Oliver Zipse


Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage with BMW CEO Oliver Zipse.


The New Ultimate Companion

Technology and style coexist at CES 2023 – the fascinating and the innovative are presented to impress with unprecedented gravity. 


In the auto world, CES is now more important than some auto shows, and yet, there is room for only a few standouts. BMW’s new i Vision Dee, took the cake this year. This futuristic mid-size sedan exemplifies BMW’s new pared-down design language. BMW ‘Terminated’ all others at CES in introducing the i Vision Dee, with a bit of help from Arnold Schwarzenegger sharing the stage with BMW CEO Oliver Zipse.




Neue Klasse


“Dee” stands for Digital Emotional Experience and is BMW’s forward guiding principle to create a stronger bond between people and their cars. BMW’s innovations are going far beyond voice control and driver assistance systems, starting with a Head-Up-Display that extends across the full width of the windscreen, which gives everyone in the car joy of the road trip. Starting in 2024, this innovation will be available in the models of the NEUE KLASSE.


Let’s back up a bit, NEUE KLASSE translates to “New Class” in English and BMW first used the term for its revolutionary sedans in the 1960s and 1970s.




Advanced BMW Head-up-Display

Can Now Change Colors Up To 32 Times



Perfect integration of virtual and physical

For 2025 NEUE KLASSE platform lets you build all types of vehicles on the same line and will let BMW produce better electric cars that go beyond the design constraints of a combustion engine.

Also at CES BMW refined its use of color-change technology, the BMW i Vision Dee can now curate its exterior in up to 32 colors. The digital experience begins outside the vehicle, with a personal welcome scenario that combines graphical elements, and light and sound effects. The BMW Mixed Reality Slider of BMW i Vision Dee uses shy-tech sensors on the instrument panel, so you can now decide for yourself how much digital content they want to see on the advanced Head-Up Display.


Here is something to take away from all this, yes the BMW i Vision Dee is a concept but think of this car as a preview of features and functionality planned for the exciting, next-generation BMW i3, due for launch in 2025



The new pared-down design language