By The Faraway Seaside

Global designers Jessica Jung and Dami Kwon started selling their line We11done at their highly cool RARE MARKET in Seoul. Their store, the leading source for the culture of forward-fashion, has garnered international recognition. These young designers’ remember living during the rise of streetwear, and they enjoyed the youthquake party scene. Celebrity culture in the 1990s and 2000s also was a time when fashion needed to be statement-making, real, and insider, and with that understanding the designers have positioned themselves perfectly for the celeb-set and universal trend hoppers.




Spring Summer 2021

The vanguard of cool, Jung and Kwon have had to reminiscence about travel this season to find their inspiration. In this collection, the designers take us on imaginary journeys to seaside towns, where the sun seems arrested at dusk. The arriving evening will be full of music, longing, noise, luxury, assuredness, recklessness, and power play. Stay in or go out? Your vibe is clear with We11made, – just get dressed once. Slouchy suits unencumbered with rigid tailoring hang of the body with the same ease as the loungewear-inspired robe, housecoat, and pajama pants in the collection. The burgundy pajama set is romantically formal. The array of knit tops and crocheted sweaters (and crocheted PJs pants) transfuse this collection with breezy gender ease.

The designers presented their Summer 2021 collection for men and women virtually during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Their blending of stage and streetwear exemplifies precisely a foretelling of fashion amid a seismic shift. WE11DONE.