At work on the hull of a Hacker-Craft boat the Hacker Boat Company factory in upstate New York.

Handcrafted Excellance

At work on the hull of a Hacker-Craft boat the Hacker Boat Company factory in upstate New York.



Always Bespoke

The craftsmanship evident in every Hacker-Craft boat is unparalleled. Going beyond mere customization, whether a bespoke creation or a standard model, each Hacker-Craft boat is meticulously constructed by seasoned carpenters, finishers, and engineers using top-tier materials and fittings. Any alterations made to the original designs conceived by founder John Ludwig Hacker in 1908 are driven solely by advancements in materials that enhance longevity and resilience. Not to say that it is always strictly business as usual – Hacker Crafts can be fully tailored with a wide range of materials, outfitting, and technology to amplify performance, comfort, and power. Engineered for speed with its sleek V-bottom design that elevates the boat above the water, the enduring allure of the Hacker-Craft is rooted in its reverence for tradition and the exclusivity inherent in the meticulous handcrafting process required for each boat.
We were intrigued when presented with the opportunity to visit the Hacker-Craft factory in upstate New York in a finely crafted Buick Avenir. Nestled in Ticonderoga, New York, the factory encompasses a production facility, offices, storage, and finishing areas. Despite the occasional hum of power tools, there is a palpable reverence for the boats. Balanced upside down, the skeletal frame is set, adjacent siding panels are cut, hand-sanded to ensure a seamless fit with the previous panel, and then affixed to the frame. Meanwhile, other boats nearby are suspended as finishes and varnish cure and set. Crafting these exquisite mahogany boats is a labor of time and dedication.


Jeff Brown, Naval Architect & Director of Special Projects of Hacker Boat Company


Captain Joe Silipigno owner of Boathouse Bed & Breakfast and his boat Miss Boathouse, before our ride across beautiful Lake George.


Possess The Pinnacle Of Style

Since the 1930s, these revered boats have aptly earned the moniker “the Steinway of Runabouts,” as Jeff Brown, Naval Architect & Director of Special Projects at Hacker Boat Co., enlightened us. He proceeded to illustrate how many boats retained the essence of early Hacker-Craft designs above the waterline, highlighting the technological advancements that have revolutionized boat-building techniques and materials. The introduction of a fiberglass hull option, available upon request, expands usage possibilities to include saltwater environments and shallow water docks. Among the Hacker Boat Company’s standard models are Runabouts, Sport Motor Boats, and Gentlemen’s Racers, each of which is a floating masterpiece. Witnessing the assembly of these custom-designed boats, including the indispensable yacht tenders, provided a deeper understanding of what it truly means to possess the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Our exhilarating ride on the stunning Lake George in a Hacker-Craft was an unforgettable adventure. Hacker-Craft

Photography by David Lewis Taylor.


A Hacker-Craft on Lake George.


Simply a classic, in every way.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Road Trip

The 1961 Project by Eastside Golf


Hacker-Craft Always Bespoke

To own a Hacker-Craft is to be admired

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