Chrome Industries

25 years old and counting - this bag is classic.


Chrome Industries

Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995. Guaranteed for Life.

A photo is all the proof one needs to show that after 26 years, this bag has a lot of life left. Since it’s built as a “commuter bag” for commuter cyclists/messengers, the bag has endured the same exposure to the sun, rain, and cold/hot temps as the old hood on your first car.

“The great thing is, Chrome still makes this bag, the bad is that they are running out of people to sell it to because their current customers haven’t needed a replacement in 26+ years” Love the cheeky point but Chrome makes buy-it-once gear and has real-world proof where most “buy it once” brands fall short.



another bag at 25 - still going strong.

Citizen Messenger Bag - the bag that started it all.


It’s one thing to say a bag is “durably built.” When it comes to Chrome Industries’ Citizen Messenger Bag, it’s the nickname of the “20-year Bag” is very well earned. As a member of the Heritage Collection, the 20-year bag’s durability is built on decades of design and real-world testing. It has been a favorite of professional bike messengers and found its way on the back of modern explorers.

The 20-year bag was, and is, built to outlast other packs and keep waste out of the landfills. A buy it once moto is at the core of Chrome’s production for going on 25+ years, a turned environmentalist one by accident, by the pursuit to deliver to the consumer something that they can depend on.

The Citizen Messenger features the quick-release iconic Chrome buckle, reflexive compression straps, and an ergonomic shoulder strap. It comes with a guarantee for life. We photographed one of the first bags to be released in 1995, and this bag has proven its durability through grueling real-world adventuring. It is worth noting that the 20-year bag is good for the environment and your wallet without repeated purchases. Chrome Industries.


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