We Are Content Innovators.

Back in March of 2000, eCityofStyle.com and eCityofTravel.com were established as the premier online destinations for fashion-conscious readers and discerning travelers alike. Organized to be user-friendly, in easy-to-navigate sections, eCityofStyle informed readers about the latest fashion and design trends.  eCityofTravel was the first independent website to provide links from major airline sites, and provided savvy travelers with fabulous travel ideas and information about the hottest and most luxurious destinations and travel trends. When we recognized that auto-makers  were beginning to embrace fine design in their brand building our third site, eCityofAutos.com was created to provided content that reflected this industry wide shift in lifestyle marketing.



New Name, New Format, Same Style.

Now we take our next step with a new name, and an evolutionary format. Bringing the world of style, fashion, travel, autos and the lifestyle that goes with it all, to one dynamic site. With a global, dedicated and discerning team, we will share that which fascinates and intrigues us.



In Summary, Unnamed Project is Style.

Our job is to be the premier online & offline destination for style-conscious consumers and discerning travelers. UnnamedProject will inform you about the latest fashion and auto  design trends. Our travel features will occasionally be practical but our focus is luxury travel.  Ken Panton’s Style Drive will showcase urgent fashion finds and we will share some candy and/or guilty pleasures with  behind-the-scenes views of some of the world’s most glamorous events.  We will even offer soundtrack suggestions for your drives and journeys. Stay tuned. Sign Up.