Versace Men FW 2020




Versace FW 2020

If The Print Fits

The dynamic sensuality, sexuality, and bold confidence that define Versace were on full display in the FW 2020 collection. The presentation marked the first time the two collections have been shown in tandem. While the lines of gender definitions fade away the celebration of self-expression grows louder throughout the fashion world. In a brilliant stroke of hot pink designer, Donatella Versace’s double-breasted suit and single-breasted suit were shown nearly androgynous models. It has been a long time since blue was for boys and pink for girls!


The men’s athletic wear in the collection exudes testosterone and perhaps the designer, and most of us, are not ready to see that type of uniform soften and become shapeless. The sportswear takes an unexpected turn towards collegiate prep with the large V logo emblazed on the breast. 






Flaunt it

In the designer eye, the collection is about power, “power that comes from confidence, and their sensual exuberance and their minds, not their gender.” The designer opts for hyper-masculinity and hyper-femininity exchange the tropes of each with sensual results. The hyper prints, electric floral, zebra stripes, and colorful patters still reign supreme at Versace. Deconstruction and re-fastening, this time with jewelry-styles rights, mesh revels under iconic distorted prints, and even some suggested utilitarian designs in accessories peak in. While the collection is about flamboyance it is not frivolous. The underlining message is that Donatella Versace is one step ahead of the zeitgeist yes still very capable of creating stunning red carpet dress and masculine sexy menswear, even has the definition of masculinity is reclassified. Versace.