Versace Fall Winter 2021



Versace Le Greca

Fall Winter 2021

Whether their collections are fanciful, frivolous, experimental, romantic, or loungewear inspired designers have faced a multitude of challenges in moving the fashion houses forward during the Covid crisis. In Versace’s youthful collection for fall-winter 2021, the wide shoulders, often accentuated with bulky wraps, sweaters, and coats, create exclamation points that taper down to a bulky, and soon to be highly coveted Versace shoe. With iconic stature, this crisp and streamlined collection equates power to presence and tailoring to authority while leaving ample space for Versace’s inherent Italian flair and sexiness. The collection is uncomplicated and smart in every way, from the high-tech fabrics to the flattering modernized 1970’s silhouettes that are ideal for post-lock-down dressing.






With refrained Versace flash, this collection was designed to frame, highlight and launch a major business initiative for the brand. Versace’s new monogram, La Greca was printed, embossed, enlarged, and even turned into a giant set piece for its introduction. Some models were accented with headpieces and scarves emboldened with the brands’ heritage Greek Key patterned turned and twisted on its side. Others wore the new monogram from head to toe, in all-over jacquard suits, dresses, and daywear – all youthful, vibrant and alive. The new monogram, an addition to the brand’s recognizable logos, Medusa head, and heritage prints is poised to become a juggernaut for brand identity and accessory sales. Versace.