The North Face x Gucci



The North Face x Gucci

Chapter 2
Celebrating The Spirit of Exploration

After its groundbreaking and crazy-beyond-popular first collection, The North Face x Gucci has a new collection! And yes this collection will sell out pretty quickly so consider this a fashion alert.

The special new collection for men and women comprises ready-to-wear, soft accessories, luggage, and shoes, including hiking boots, multi-pocketed backpacks, and warm, insulated jackets that powerfully reference the outdoor world of The North Face.

The collection ‘addresses the curious, drawing from values of self-discovery and self-expression that define both brands’, according to Gucci.

To show off this collection Gucci had the items shot by French twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel in Iceland, where fashion and the outdoors come together in a stunning way. The North Face x Gucci