Alexander Wang SS 2019



Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2019

Collection One - Wang Gang

Gang culture never looked sexier then in the Alexander Wang coed spring summer 2019 fashion presentation. At age 35, the talented and internationally acclaimed designer acknowledged his parent’s immigrant heritage and perhaps his own immersion into teenage pop culture. With a forward moving trod, in heavy boots naturally, the rock and roll model-gang preened their colors in a show defined by Wang as a “a new beginning, a new identity and a new day for my brand,” all the while pledging devotion to Axl Rose. From the wide, red, white or blue, bandanas headbands, face paint, football jerseys, bomber jackets, biker shorts, faded denim, wide-shoulder leather jackets, complete with embolden logo’s (both the designers ‘Alexander Wang’, and Mercedes Benz,) throughout, the collection was emblazed with a hard and fast energy.





Bedazzled Surgical Masks

Bandana Headbands, chains, pins and belts

But all was not rock and roll-retro, Wang makes body flattering and body revealing clothing that delights both his supermodel fans and his fashion devotees. In the collection bra tops were made out of chains and safety pins. Short shorts, many in soft leather mimicking the cut of men’s cotton boxer briefs, or in the athletic biker short style were a prominent theme in this collection. Baggy, track style pants were often paired with revealing halter or bra tops. The femininity on display, was powerful and assured, sexy and so far from flirty. Black leather is not for the faint of heart and Wang’s motorcycle pants, and a great asymmetrical motorcycle- jacket skirt is as sophisticated and sexy as they are the gang colors of a new warrior street crew. Alexander Wang.