Parke & Ronen


Revenge Of The Fit

Parke & Ronen SS17

The summer of 2017 is looking like it’s going to be the summer of the “Fit Man” – that elusive guy, disguised in baggy gym wear  seen entering and exiting gyms during the cold winter.  From Fire Island to San Diego and from St. Tropez to the Hamptons, the results of the Fit Man’s winter of hard training, Equinox trainers instructions and protein consumption will be on full display. But what, oh what, will Mr. Fit Man be wearing this summer? There are very few collections made to perfectly compliment that enviable man. A man who finds himself bursting at the seams of his work clothes. This man, who is likely to catch your glance, is ready to play hard and enjoy every summer weekend to the fullest. The designer Park & Ronen have been dressing that guy (and mere mortals, too) for over a decade, and they have created a vibrant collection for the summer of 2017.


Ronen Jehezkel and Parke Lutter backstage at Parke & Ronen SS2017 show.



For The Confident Only

The collection, comprised of underwear, swimwear, and loungewear, makes a bold and sexy statement.

The body framing collection is colorful and refined. The designers are well known for their unique fabric selections and mix of classic styles with tapered silhouettes. This collection is proud to announce that sophistication is the new sexy, and short shorts are the key of life! Swimsuits in briefs and trunk lengths shown in stripes and a variety of sea motifs such as shells and crabs will make a groovy addition to the lineup. I love the color-blocked varsity jackets with sea life prints, and light Letterman sweaters showing off the  brand’s initials.  I met  Parke & Ronen about 15 or more years ago and they are two remarkable men with an inspired vision of mens fashion. The designers  say it best when describing their general design principle. “Preferring chic sensuality to glitz and gimmick.”

Parke and Ronen  

Story By Ken Panton



Video Content By FF Chanel