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Manhattan Knights

Street style photographers instantly swarmed the models that appeared draped on a vintage old-school Cadillac outside NYC’s Cadillac House. Wearing t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and more from Manhattan Knights ‘Just Don’t’ Collection the model’s disruption brought the street wear brand’s latest collection to the world with a bold declaration. Happening during a fashion event inside the Cadillac House the street happening had many wondering where the real runway moment was occurring, inside or on the street?

The evolution of fashion week, and the collections presented, around the world have been heavily influenced by the importance, and consumer response to street style. Designers like Vetements and Marc Jacobs have recently caught onto the street style activation trend. This year at NYFW designers including Parke & Ronen sent their models directly from the runway to the sidewalks of NYC.

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Fashion Week Takeover

Just Don't 2018

Launched in 2014 by designer Samuel Murkofsky his collection of comfortable yet Fashion-forward pieces featuring tongue-in-cheek phrases bring a smirk and a wink to street wear. Murkovsky, a Manhattan-native formerly in retail at Saks Fifth Avenue, sought to create a gender-neutral collection inspired by his New York City upbringing while understanding the importance of virality in a social media driven, buy-now-wear-now marketplace. Known for its signature graphic tees featuring phrases such as ‘Just Don’t’ ‘Hommeless’ ‘Upper Best Side’ pieces, the brand also features seasonless sweats, tees, shorts, hats and beanies. Manhattan Knights.



Photography by Dan Roberts