Gucci FW 2019


Lace tights and contemporary outerwear featuring unexpected details at Gucci Fall Winter 2019 by Alessandro Michele, including a short dress with puffed sleeves and pleated skirt worn by Amy Taylor lead singer from Amyl and the sniffers. Gold metal ear coverings inspired by the 24-karat gold work ‘Fashion Fiction #1’ by artist Eduardo Costa, 1966 (published in Vogue US, February 1968).



Is a mask a mask meant to shields the wearer from harsh realities or to liberate them from the constraints of their own identity? With logo emblazoned knee pads, colorful mixed material accessories, faux fur and punk inspired spike collars aside the Fall Winter 2019 Gucci collection might have been asking viewers to take note of the clothing and craftsmanship of the accessories by obscuring the faces of the models. But this is Gucci under the trying and omnipresent creative direction of Alessandro Michele who finds his loudest declaration comes in cavalcades of disparate overtures, ambiguous themes and gender emancipation. The show, full of shock value diversions that are over-the-counter controlled substances to fashion forward arbiters and chic-subversive marketing collateral for coveted accessories, was the colorful mosaic of a creative genius pushing fashion forward from his barometric reading of the times.



Alessandro Michele’s collection for Gucci Fall Winter 2019 features colorful outerwear worn with vintage-inspired accessories and sneakers with fluorescent accents.


Protection or Liberation

Fashion is freedom of expression today and the Gucci Fall Winter 2019 collection is all about identity beyond the mask, not behind the mask. The individual may make the choice on what to wear, but it is in the eyes of others that their aura is assessed. Mix and match and mix it up. The designer suggests, Chanel, YSL, Dior are relevant references in this collection that includes power-suit dressing for woman and fresh and stunning floral housecoat are cover smocks for men. There are plenty of 1980’s references including high-waisted and baggy pants, big broad shoulders, floral prints, bold stripes and brocades that add measured whimsy throughout the collection. Amid the carnival like celebration and pop-styling, fine tailoring prevails and the lives of these looks, beyond the runway, is unmasked.





Artist and musician Jeffertitti Moon walking the Gucci Fall Winter 2019 show by Alessandro Michele in new tailoring pieces and gold metal ear coverings inspired by the 24-karat gold work ‘Fashion Fiction #1’ by artist Eduardo Costa, 1966 (published in Vogue US, February 1968).