Givenchy Men

Spring 2018

A house in transition is often a cause for alarm in the fashion industry. With the departure of Creative Director Riccardo Tisci and arrival of his successor of Clare Waight Keller in January 2018 the house of Givenchy had to remain in the light. With his unbridled creative drive Tisci’s often-conceptual collections and shows brought creed and prominence to the Givenchy name. In a deceptively simple stroke of genius the design team at Givenchy produced a pre-collection for spring 2018. Inspired by three locations in Rome and to coincide with the opening of Givenchy’s First Roman flagship store the collection, the design team presented a largely monotone collection for men and women. Color coded in fact, white (and black) for elongated silhouettes reminiscent of the columns at the Museum of Roman Civilization. Fuchsia for the more conceptual pieces that included masterful blending of fabrics, textures and shapes and electric blue signals the more urban and sports pieces in the collection. The women’s collection was entirely monochromatic.

In the men’s collection, of just 10 looks, tone, color and masculine camouflage prints are added to the monochromatic palette. Even with the volume turned down this collection is perfectly on point. The most formal pieces in the collection are classical and gender neutral with long, strong and simple lines. Waist and long jackets cover pencil pants and man-skirts. The fuchsia felpa suit derives it vibe from tracksuits and it is  adorned with zippers, cargo pockets and metal closures. In the collection the blues and green outfits are full-on urban, with an interesting precision and tailoring. Expressing urban masculinity and urban street wear with a matchy- matchy vibe looks downright forward in this collection. A bag that matches the shirt… a jacket that matches the shorts…and socks and shoes curated to the outfit – yes please. Givenchy Men Spring 2018.