Fendi FW 2018





With a grand display of plumage, besotted with ample logo-branded paraphernalia, the Fendi peafowl has left the roost. For the peafowl garnering attention has never been an issue but why leave anything to chance when you can stretch and bend your signature with color, humor and energetic élan. Shown amid a airport arrivals hall setting, the Fendi Fall Winter Men’s 2018 collection reverently, and more often irreverently, honored the tenants of this nearly century old fashion house with youthful and playful outerwear, suits, street-wear, accessories and to-die-for umbrella hats.

Streetwise street-wear that includes mink, shearling and fur, in long coats, sweatshirts and zip-front sweaters, is cut, colored and reshaped to be unrestrictive, comfortable and thrown-on casual. Designer Silvia Venturini Fendi fully embraces personal expression and pragmatism in this collection. Of course it’s creativity on a high order, and most practical in nature if you fly privately. Admirable luxury for its humor, free form and expressive style this collection is loaded with of-the-minute currency.





Fendi's Got A New Bag

Streetwise Innovation Redefine This Historic House

The discovery of artist Reilly Hey on Istagram by designer Silvia Fendi, and a recognition of a similar ‘sense of irony’ led to a collaboration in this collection. Hey created surreal images for T-shirts, and collaged digital images into overall patterns for rain boots, puffy jackets, and shearling and the must-have umbrella hats.

The colorful and relaxed exaggeration of ‘Fendi’ is nearly as bountiful in the accessories as it is the clothing. The leather cross-torso small man-bag is stylishly smart and destined to be the coveted accessory among the jet set. Accessorizing your accessories it the ultimate way to express your creative individualism. The bending and twisting the Fendi bag in this collection has resulted in many exceptionally bold collectors items including the double-F emblazzened logo bags, satchel and totes, fur back packs and Reilly Hey collage print bags. Identifiably Fendi from every perspective, this collection’s wit and evolution is truly a declaration of modernity and forward vision for this house of style. Fendi.

Story by Ken Panton.