FW 2017


Etro FW2017

High Himalayan, HIgh Masculinity

Founded in 1968 the Italian Fashion House of Etro enlivened the spirit of the late 1960’s in their Fall Winter 2017 collection for men. Kean Etro, creative director of the Etro Man Collections embraced the freedom and expression of that era. Gone are confining suites, formal velvet evening wear and the button-up rigors of menswear. Etro’s exquisite fabrics, deft play of plaid and print, shimmer and shine are still prominent in this collection, yet there is nary a dandy in sight. Mr. Etro found his inspiration for this collection in the Himalayas region and the hiking culture. The addition of technical closures, hiking boots and backpacks emphasized an adventurous and hyper masculine side to the collection.

The eclectic collection included handsome kilts, velvet suits, robe-cut coats, nylon windbreaker jackets and pants, kimono coats, parachute pants, puffer vests, and a smattering of flora and fauna prints. A gold brocade jacket with rubber pants and hiking boots? Paisley velvet pattern tracksuit with matching vest? Oh yes, and each look more elegant and modern then the previous. With a navy tunic under a technical clasped adorn blazer and pants with elastic ankle bands the Etro blue suit is a striking comment on modernity. The energy and elasticity of this laid back and comfortable collection is vivid,  masculine and a welcome relief to the ‘beat of the streets’ look that is so prevalent in menswear today. Bravo Etro.