Chanel SS 2019




Chanel Spring Summer 2019

Infinitely chic, Chanel struts into the future without is life force, Karl Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld élan and extravagant showmanship never eclipsed his visionary design work. With a full embrace of the ‘classic’ vocabulary of the little tweed suit, copiously adorned with precious pearl, gems, chains and endless C’s, Lagerfeld’s infused unimaginable variations on a theme with verve and a masterful originality. Lagerfeld understood that the customer for Chanel would come and go, and of course come back. His innate ability to constantly broaden Chanel’s appeal to the ever changing fashion elite, be they youth-quake artists, reality stars, OG jet-setters or society matrons and their grand-daughters, will endure to be an facet of his creative legacy.





Chanel Bliss on The Beach

From Fashion's Life Guard, Karl Lagerfeld

In retrospect, the Chanel Spring Summer 2019 fashion show at the Grand Palais; a barefoot and blissful day at the beach, was a candy colored celebration of the designer’s brilliant time in the sun. The show opened with a reveling tweed white woven with gold power suit, complete with the double signature quilted bag ‘harness.’ Modern boxy cut tweed suits followed and their square cut skirts were stark in their freshness.  A skirt embroidered with abstract flowers, resembling tall palm trees paired with matching bags and delicately beaded white blouson was consummate resort. A summer white tweed suit in windowpane pattern, interwoven with sorbet threads, revealed sky blue lace at the sleeves, hem and bodice. From sand shades to sorbets the colors were harmonious with adjacent sea while crisp lemon yellow and black evening wear black looked marvelously brilliant on the indoor shoreline. The show ended with a collection of ‘evenings wear’ that included modernist ‘origami’ sheer dresses and brilliantly beaded and sequined black and midnight dresses and suits. Needless to say the beach never looked more chic…Chanel.