Welcome to casual-elegance

Founded in 2017, BILLY Los Angeles, is luxury ready-to-wear designed by Holly Jovenall and handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. The brand is rooted in personal narrative and deep craft with exquisite subtlety. BILLY Los Angeles’ comfortable basics are versatile and can be elevated or slouched in. Designed as menswear, all of the brand’s pieces are adaptable as unisex. Attention to silhouette brings a casual-elegance, enhanced by hand distressed and hand screened details. Paying homage to visionaries like Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens, Jovenall’s designs are foundational but subversive in their proportions and bend simplicity into something entirely new. BILLY Los Angeles favors black-and-white, with colors sourced from the best tones of weathered vintage fabric.
Jovenall grew up on a 60-acre horse ranch north of Pittsburgh, where she trailed her father Billy, the brand’s namesake, on various farm and construction projects. Jovenall was a trained dancer, and her dancer’s grace and body awareness are felt in her approach to workwear and military silhouettes.
Jovenall’s aim was always to launch her own brand, but she took time to be a careful observer of production and tailoring and to build her a vast vintage knowledge base, as well as attention to client comforts.



Before launching BILLY Los Angeles, Jovenall worked for ten years in the fashion industry, styling high-end private clients and consulting with well-known institutions from Ted Baker to Des Kohan. She houses a covetable vintage collection in LA, referenced and shopped by respected fashion icons, influencers, and designers. She’s grown her exclusive service into her full line, releasing small capsule collections between seasons.

“Sometimes when you want to achieve minimalism it’s more,” Jovenall says.
Jovenall’s first piece for the line was a leather jacket, inspired by a beautifully lived in 1940s vintage jacket bestowed by her friend Taka, an esteemed vintage expert who is an influential mentor. Her training is evident in the brand’s thick-ribbed tees, vintage Dickies-inspired trousers that are soft like they were worn to put up an entire skyscraper, crisp lettering and poetic messaging, and wide-cut jackets that swing as you walk.

The brand’s signature collection pieces have been spotted on celebrity fans including Kim Kardashian West, Justin Bieber, and Wiz Khalifa. While BILLY LOS ANGELES favorites black-and-white the SS18 drop serves as the brand’s introduction of color with greens and lavenders sourced from the best tones of weathered vintage fabric. The BILLY LOS ANGELES SS18 drop is now available to shop at as well as leading retailers.




Model: Simon Kotyk Photos By Ben Cope