Billionaire SS 2018



Act The Part Be A Billionaire

Spring Summer 2018

If he had a trumpet it would be 24 karat gold, massive and brassier in tone than any before. Yet the music the pied piper and pop impresario Philipp Plein plays makes it decisively clear that a maestro is on the podium. Plein acquired Billionaire, the Italian luxury couture menswear label in 2016 from its infamous founder, and personal friend, Flavio Briatore. Plein has since taken the brand’s, ‘more is more,’ fast living, high spending, excessively showy philosophy to a new heights of bedazzled pomp and indulgent luxury. While the stakes are high in the fashion industry the game seems to be increasing stacked in Mr. Plein’s favor, whose ability to tantalize billionaires, both real and imaged, is impressive.





Tuxedo Fine

Philipp Plein and Billionaire Couture

In the Billionaire Spring Summer 2018 collection, under the creative direction of Mr. Plutus, a silver-masked ‘robot’ who also walked in the show, exquisite and exotic leather jackets shared the runway with crisp, perfectly tailored dinner jackets and jubilee of jewel toned outfits. These billionaires have button-up flair and the confidence to carry off a monogrammed suit jacket over matching pajama print pants and shirt. Double-breasted jackets embolden with the Billionaire crest takes these men from ship to shore in style. Shiny jacquard, bold stripes and shimmering sequences radiate their presence while the fine tailoring declares their zest and personal refinement. The tuxedos are lush and so elegant. Within the confinements of such a traditional mode of dress, sequence arm panels and lapels on one suit and the addition of an azure stripe on the side seam of the tuxedo pants revives these red-carpet staples with a grand sophistication. The runway presentation featured aloof and masculine mature models, most sporting well-groomed beards, who looked the part of the international man of wealth, prowess, and power – cheeky with confidence, aware of their allure and enviable in their irreverence. Enviable indeed. Billionaire Couture.


Creative directer of Billionaire, Mr. Plutus.