2 MONCLER 1952



2 MONCLER 1952

Men Going Beyond Style

For the hyper-cool and fashion chic set, there is only one way to stay warm during their retreats to the cold weather Mecca’s of Aspen and St. Mortiz and that is with Moncler outerwear and sportswear. This season Moncler is turning up the heat with the new 2 Moncler 1952 collection that is a visually striking edit of Moncler classics contextualized in the contemporary urban scenario. The interpretation is bold and oozes a pop, urban zest, highlighted by prints featuring stars and letters spelling Moncler, devised with artist Hey Reilly and swarming all-over the surfaces. Shapes and materials are functional: zippered jackets, field jackets, parkas, carcoats, track-pants, and Bermuda shorts come in cotton, nylon or ripstop fabrications. Geometries and intarsia create vibrancy against the solid bright alternate with neutral tones or total black with vivid touches for a high visibility effect.





A Visual Narrative Of Style

Zippered pockets allow items to be functionally folded and packed; padded collars are another utilitarian detail. The giant size logo recurs as a mark with a mix of technical and precious materials – laqué nylon, technical faille, cotton drill, printed crepe de chine – is a defining note, just as the interplay of the functional and the decorative gives items a unique feel.

Oversized drawstrings recur, allowing the wearer to manipulate and adjust volumes. The layering of the pieces is spirited and intuitive. Prints add rhythm to a classic palette of neutrals, blacks, and blues with dashes of red.

2 Moncler 1952 is part of Moncler Genius, the new creative and business vision involving different creative minds, each one devoted to several interpretations of Moncler. An innovative project and a new strategy aimed at disrupting the traditional twice-yearly rhythm of the fashion shows, by showing 8 different collections all at once, while rolling out them once a month with individual and dedicated 360° launch plans. Both creativity and uniqueness are the fuel to this brand new project. Moncler Genius reflects a shifting world that overcomes the temporality of the seasons and represents a new course for the brand.

“The Next Chapter” of Moncler Genius is disclosed today through different immersive video installations that illustrate the creative spirit, the intentions and the atmosphere of each collection. Moncler Genius concept is so strong that it has all of us rethinking fashion.