A Slow and Beautiful Burn From Solange.

Solange is making the world a better place. With her anthems to self-empowerment and introspection she is fostering a safe zone for listeners to do the same. She is our new guru of cool. With remarkable refrain and a the delicate touch of heavy hitting producers, including, Sampha, Raphael Saadiq, Dave Sitek, Bryndon Cook and Patrick Wimberly, Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ is a slow meditation on her place in the world. At her best Solange is not judging, but she surly questioning ‘our’ place in her world has well. The music is hauntingly elegant and her vocals are beautifully controlled and expressive. Listening to ‘A Seat at the Table’ is an experience that grows richer with each listen. Solange.

The two video’s, ‘Don’t touch my hair’ featuring Sampha and ‘Cranes in the Sky’ are stunningly beautiful and beautifully styled.