Ravyn Lanae


Ravyn Lenae’s full-length album HYPNOS is an ethereal, complex, sonically, and vocally intriguing work of R&B and genre-inclusive maturity. Lenae is 23! Her early work, some self-produced while the artist was still a teen, are bangers that still blast. Her Ep’s Moon Shoes (2015), and Midnight Moonlight (2017) are interesting mixes of afro-pop, dream-pop, dance, and R&B with sprinkles of ambient. Many are still on my heavy rotation playlists. On HYPNOS, producers, and collaborators Steve Lacy, Kaytranada, Luke Titus, Monte Booker, Smino, and others are great. While the subjects of her songs are less abstract than previous songs the new work reflects an artist coming of age and dealing with life’s trials and joys. Lenae’s vocal depth, sonic guidance, and musical confidence bring engagement from perspectives. Ravyn Lenae.