Moschino Resort 2022



Moschino Resort 2022

Dancing Hamburgers! Gangsters! KAREN ELSON!

With imagination and playful optimism that keeps him aloft, Moschino’s designer Jeremy Scott’s feet surely never touch the ground. During the recent trying times, the designer dreamed in Technicolor and made magical films to showcase each collection. For the resort, 2022 collection Scott’s film, shot on the lot at Universal Studio, unites the designer with his effervescent muse Karen Elson. A dream takes Elson up-up-and away where she soon finds a wardrobe of dancing hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream Sundays!




Lightening Strikes

Scott's Technicolor Wondern

In the collections, moving entrée’s aside, Scott’s grand tribute to American diner culture and classic musicals like Guys and Dolls bounces from the theatrical to old Hollywood glamour and from the petite-chic to the fully sequenced. Cartoon prints and high stepping legs mix with vibrant color blocks and nearly demure women’s suiting. The designer states that the ‘Moschino woman never stops dressing up’ and why should she? When one lives in a candy-colored world and stars in their grand musical, why dress down? Moschino.




Jeremy Scott
Karen Elson