Music Life - Mia Doi Tood

A jazzy collection of hypnotic fables

Mia Doi Todd’s hypnotic 12th album Music Life is a jazzy-folk collection of emotional, lyrical, and beautiful songs. The title track, Music Life, is an anthem to the overwhelming power of the creative spirit to artists of all disciplines. The sheer elegance and beauty of Doi Todd’s effortless and assured soprano add depth to her stories, imaginative fables, odes to the power of love, and reflections on motherhood and family. This singer-songwriter magically weaves her compelling lyrics into a hypnotic atmosphere where her voice, always moving forward, effortlessly becomes part of the melody that emphasizes the deliciously celebratory arrangements. Like all good fables, darkness lurks in the background, and Doi Todd allows both recognition and recovery to an optimistic and movement-inducing crescendo throughout. In “Little Bird” Doi Todd is encouraging personal growth and living life beyond the familiar – she suggests traveling maybe Atlanta…or Atlantis, a perfect metaphor for this collection of sensual and jazzy masterfully written and performed “journeys.” Mia Doi Todd.