Loewe FW 2020



Jonathan Andersons' Fantasy Wardrobe for Loewe

Fluid originality

Will the extravagant experimentation in fashion’s gender juxtapositions come to a finger-snapping halt during this time of PPE and social isolation? Let us hope that the brilliant minds of fashions most creative designers continue to challenge social norms, prejudice, and inequality through their statements, forethought, and humor. For the Loewe fall-winter, 2020 men’s collection designer Jonathan Anderson continues showing multi-layered looks that morph silhouettes, twist formality, bend gender norms, and celebrate expression all with wide-eyed wonder. The designer’s “fantasy wardrobe” for men includes statement-making prom dresses seemingly held in front of a curious boy looking in the mirror.





Loewe Fall Winter 2020

Anderson’s freethinking dress-up day is full of verve and excitement. Uncollared coats and op-art capes, tunics, and bedazzled or feathered knits all posses an elegant sophistication when complimented by chunky boots and bare legs. Many of the traditional woman’s outerwear silhouettes look equally dynamic, precise, and fluid on the gentlemen. While Anderson’s leather bags and accessories for Loewe are slightly exaggerated, they are unisex instant classics, right down to the shearling lamb clutch shown with an austere blue suit. This beautiful and arresting fall-winter collection from Jonathan Anderson for Loewe is an extravagant delight and a resounding encouragement to peek inside your best girlfriend’s closet with a renewed curiosity. Loewe Menswear.