Ligne St. Barth

Caribbean Homme Care

The warm tradewinds from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea intermingle over the stunning Island of St. Barths. From the stunning beaches to the rugged south-eastern tip, this French Riviera styled paradise is an enclave of luxury and natural beauty. The Pampering Ligne St. Barth products are all handcrafted with natural oils, ingredients, and soothing botanicals. Homme by Ligne St. Barth is tropical, sunkissed, and woodsy. Created with a seductive base of fern, a floral and Rosemary top note, and richly masculine middle notes their eau de toilette is delightfully warm and evocative of the island’s romantic sunsets. St. Barth Homme’s Shower Gel and Body Lotion are bracingly refreshing. This all-natural line was first created to invigorate, moisturize, and soothe the effects of the tropical sun on skin. Ligne St. Barth

Location and product photography by David Lewis Taylor.