Burns Casino

Burns Casino made his debut in the music scene in early 2021, rapidly rising in the streaming ranks. He rolls out countless hits and music videos week after week, which display his versatility as a songwriter, producer, and artist. Dabbling across the genres of rap, hip-hop, and pop, his following continues to exponentially expand every week.

Burns Casino has been featured on over 30 Spotify playlists, having amassed over 60,000 streams in just a few short months as his musical talent has resonated with thousands around the world.

He burst onto the scene with his first single ‘scooby snacks‘ and has since released an EP titled ‘loaded dice‘, with a slew of other hits thereafter including ‘last one at the orgy.’

Burns Casino has dropped collaborations with Russian artist Yungfeelz on ‘pack it up‘. On the track, Burns Casino’s impeccable flow can be likened to the greats like Eminem and Lil Baby, who he considers his inspiration.

The rising star’s music comes from a place of genuine outpouring for good, as he aims to shine a light of hope for those in less fortunate upbringings and circumstances, coming from a deeply storied past of his own. A further goal of his is to make music that allows people to understand mental illness rather than look at those who suffer from it as ‘other.’ This goal stems from growing up in the shadow of his father’s PTSD which developed after acting as a first responder on 9/11. 

The newcomer’s music and work ethic is an inspiration to behold, as he manages to be a full-time law student in Atlanta while simultaneously flying coast to coast on a regular schedule to record and produce the lyrics he writes between his grueling course load.




He’s since dropped tracks ‘on a roll which features ATL natives Payko and LaaLaaDiorr, while his most coveted recent hit ‘amore mio shows his breadth of talent as an artist crossing into the world of pop with hits that are fast-tracking themselves to the radio.

His songs are available across SpotifyApple MusicYoutube, and his website. While his social accounts @burnscasino on Instagram and TikTok provide an edgy behind-the-scenes look into his life.

Burns Casino is one of the fastest rising new artists on the scene who shows no signs of slowing down. Be among the Day 1’s before his music takes over some of the biggest festival stages across the globe.

Story by Neal Bakshi