French Deal


French Deal

The Parisian and Ivorian designer and founder of French Deal, Steeven Kodjia, found inspiration for his Volume 4 line to the heritage-rich culture of style in Africa. The designer highlighted the thriving African fashion scene and pays homage to his ancestors from the Ivory Coast with his inspired designs. The collection received international acclaim and high regards for Kodjia instance to highlight other Black artists in the production of his awarding-winning fashion film showcasing the collection, and supported by all Black models, and photographers.



Blending styles and cultures

The collection, Volume 4, reveals the designer’s return to his family’s roots in Africa’s Ivory Coast, and the collection reflects the aesthetics of the region. The color and beautifully crafted material used including Baoulé Loincloth brings a vibrance to the elegant design. The Baoulé loincloth is a traditional fabric inherited from the Ashanti kingdom. Authentic African textile culture, the weaving of the Baoulé loincloth is meticulously carried out by weavers, with warp threads dyed with indigo. For this collection, the brand reinvented the traditional loincloth with a modern twist, and the blending of both African and French cultures can be seen on the sleeves and torsos of the pieces.




Volume 4 By Steeven Kodjia


The video above, winner of the “Best Fashion” award at the International Fashion Film Festival La Jolla, filmed entirely in the Ivory Coast in the cities of Abidjan and Bassam. The piece is narrated by the designer’s mother, at it celebrates Africa while recounting the wonderful and painful story of Queen Abla Pokou who made the greatest sacrifice to save her people. The strength of the Woman is put under the spotlight in the heart of the Baule people’s Odyssey. The music is bewitching, the images are authentic, and the brand elevates us in the clouds of an ethnic mix. This stunning film resonates on many levels showcasing the strength of the people, the beauty of their surroundings, the soul that embodies their history, and the creative designs of the modern creator. French Deal.


Steeven Kodjia Founder and Designer of French Deal.