Ferragamo Men FW20




Men FW20 - In The Mix

In this era of self-expression that blurs the lines of gender identity can a design house be prescriptive with archetypes? Ferragamo, like many other fashion houses, started showing the men’s and woman’s collection at the same time a few years ago. The suggestion being that of cohesion, fluidity and in some instances, exchangeability, often on a piece-by-piece basis, while lifting the stale conventions of the past. The trend was indeed refreshing and infused a freeing influx of experimentation especially in the ease of structure in men’s clothing and a glorious array of accessories. Hence the multitude of the ‘man-’ frock, dress, skirt, bag, etc., leaving one to wonder how to best suit a millennial male. Paul Andrew, the Creative Director at Ferragamo enlisted a team of “amazing millennials” to help him understand how to best address and consider masculinity of the established Ferragamo man and attract an entirely new generation of followers.





With his team, Andrew began by identifying six different alpha-male archetypes that included the businessman, the sailor, the surfer, the race car driver, soldier, and biker. With impeccable tailoring, distinctive Ferragamo flair a refined and muted palette, and a free and playful attitude each member of the 2020’s Village People was outfitted by the design team. Then the alchemy commenced. Andrew stated,” A man today is not obliged to assume a single, set role: he can be a multitude, and he can change his worn identity any time he wishes. That’s a freedom we want to explore in the 2020s.” Adding bulking riding boots and generous shorts to a suit indeed changes the consideration of the identity of the man behind the vest. With the classic grays and browns of Ferragamo Andrew fully entrenches the Fall Winter 2020 Men’s collection with a declaration of independence. Ferragamo.