Oriental Pop

DSquared2 Spring Summer 2020

Designers Dean and Dan Caten looked to the Orient for pop-power inspiration in curating their Spring Summer 2020 collection. The designers presented the men’s and woman’s collections in the same show, during men’s fashion week in Milan. Kung Fu action movies, Bruce Lee and ring boxing garb tempered the tone of the collection and framed the oriental iconography throughout the collection. Oversized chrysanthemums, embellished tigers, carp, tiger stripe prints, and other recognizable eastern symbols adorned silky kimonos and rough and tumble motorcycle jackets.





Kung Fu and Bruce Lee

The designers are adept at making men look masculine no matter if they are wearing be it leather or silk. The addition of the wide elastic waistband of boxing athletic shorts adds a post-workout, pre-fight boldness to the macho men. The designer’s tailoring is crisp when needed, and generous and flowing with jackets and wraps. Pants, for the most part, and unconstructed, perhaps taking style cues from the 1970 action movies. The denim in the collection is the most tailored and almost uniform in its formality. The collection is more than an East meets West showcase. The designer’s signature eclectic provocation, humor, and visionary trendsetting style are complemented by the richness and mystery of the Oriental flourishes. DSquared2.