Lil Nas X and Christian Cowan Spring Summer 2021



Lil Nas X and Christian Cowan Spring Summer 2021

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community’s Black trans women

“In one club night, you would have, like, a cis white male punk with spiky hair, and then you’d also have trans and queer Black people in the same venue coexisting.” – Cowan.


Cowan and Lil Nas, while perhaps too young to have been there and done that have heard the story of nightlife golden era and they have, with direction also from Nas’s stylist Hodo Musa, captured the creativity, rebellion, and expression that made that time a party to remember. 




Icons and Activist

extravaganza to eleganza

After channeling the shimmering sequined and frilly lace androgynous style of Prince for Lil Nas x’s first red carpet look at the 2019 VMA’s the designer and artist began a creative partnership. Cowan, who first collaboration with Lady Gaga when he was just 18, over-the-top, statement-making, and iconic have attracted every a-list performing fashion icon you can name.

For their Spring-Summer, 2021 collection Christian Cowan and Lil Nas X championed a charitable cause with their own glitzy tribute to the free and inclusive intersection the punk and queer movements of the 1970s. In their star-studded, gender-fluid, non-binary. fun-fantasy, escapist and celebratory collection the designers go from extravaganza to eleganza. The proceeds of Cowan and Lil Nas X collaboration will benefit Rachel Cargle’s Loveland Foundation, which supports the Black trans community in Atlanta. For their virtual fashion film, the designers employed activists, supporters, influencers, and leaders in the gay and trans rights movement.

Christian Cowan

The Loveland Foundation.



To Benefit The Loveland Foundation