Autumn/Winter 2021

This new fall/winter 2021 menswear collection by Riccardo Tisci honors a deep connection to the outdoors, creativity and dreams. The presentation explores a new environment within Burberry’s flagship Regent Street store in London, a space that was reconfigured as a wandering terrain.

Due to Covid 19, Burberry inviting all guests to experience the presentation digitally and only essential members of the production team were on set.






From Regent Street, London

The menswear collection gently challenges and subtly reinvents traditions, inviting freedom of expression. The collection itself is dynamic and young, vibrant and alive. Outerwear is key. Clothes are engineered to reflect motion; pleats, panels, and fringes move actively as if being wind stuck with every movement. Layered pieces morph unexpectedly on the body. Tailoring has a sense of twisted classicism, whilst Burberry’s quintessential house codes – the trench coat and Burberry beige are seen evolving.






The Burberry animal kingdom, a signature house code, is once again revisited through prints and shapes – a nod to the wilderness and the creatures within. Deer motifs inspire the silhouettes of knitted beanies, whilst boots and sneakers on molded soles are also sculpted to resemble hooves. The collection’s distinct palette is tonal and rich, including Burberry beige, bark brown, oxblood burgundy, city greys, and shirting shades of pale blue and pink. Details and decoration evoke the notion of a ceremony through badges and adornments – symbolizing community and friendship, codes of belonging.

Tied intrinsically to founder Thomas Burberry’s creations, the idea of optimism and adventure underscores the collection. Modern explorers, pioneers, and trailblazers are an inspiration; the garments have a function and purpose. They represent a reality but they are always worn by dreamers. Burberry.



Styling By Ib Kamara Make-up By Isamaya French, Burberry Global Beauty Director Hair By Jawara Choreography By Josh Johnson & Natasia Basco Directors By Partel Oliva