Balenciaga Men's FW 2019




Men's FW 2019

Outerwear is going big shouldered at Balenciaga for fall/winter 2019. Designer Demna Gvasalia presented his view of the Paris streets, and the allusive Parisian style, in his unisex fashion presentation. The designer gave a strong nod to his streetwear, hoodie and trainer design background recognizing that, be it updated, bent or deconstructed, streetstyle is here to stay.



Shoulder Power

With a bevy of track pants, hoodies and t-shirts in the collection and an abundance of logo-emblazoned accessories, including bags, water bottles and shopping bags, Gvasalia is catering to his logo-obsessed consumer. He know how to reach them and follow they will. Both his logo obsessed consumer and his trendiest fashion forward snob with be enamored with his distinctive reshaping of the shoulder.

Many of Mr. Balenciaga’s studied silhouettes have been exaggerated, streamlined, simplified and puffed up and out. Cross-chest double-breasted clean overcoats and jackets are autonomous in their cover-up and futuristic. The collection includes a men’s velour kimono jacket and lounging style ensemble. Many of the more traditional suits seem to have more inspiration in 1970’s Playboy mansion then in today’s Parisian Street. The active wear is universally right, with an intriguing twist. From puffer coat to overcoat the tailored raised fabric atop the shoulders will be unquestionably Balenciaga and coveted for such. When not obscuring the neck with ultra high shoulder the designer often found ways to hide the face. His high collars around the faces, like blinders, added aloofness to the vibe of the entire collection. In showing the men’s and women’s collection together the designer often found a masculine counterpart to feminine pieces.






A red full-length silken overdress on her was shown with a red-suited man wearing a vibrant full-length duster. It is easy to see the sexes trading pieces from this collection, both the crisply tailored coats and the urban streetwear pieces would be statement making and designer recognizable on anyone. Balenciaga.