Philipp Plein SS2018 Mens Collection



Philipp Plein SS 2018 Menswear

The Race Is On

Nothing attracts more then sparkling success. Philipp Plein’s moxie, design talents and showmanship have created a seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory for the Phillip Plein International Group, which includes Philipp Plein, Plein Sport and Billionaire Couture. Deep in the eye of this fashion hurricane is Mr. Plein whose dexterity with spin is a modern marvel. The designer’s ‘bling subculture’ of devoted super fans are charmed with the mystic fame, flash and furious extravagance defined by Plein. At the collection presentation for Spring Summer 2018 Men and Women shared the runway and the designer found inspiration in the Musical Grease, racing culture and the illegal car racing culture. The grand maestro opened his show with shooting flames and supercars skiing across the stage on two wheels. More super cars and then motorbikes followed, and then bikes to the to sky with stage-wide aerial jumps is a show of the daring.




Oh Greased Lightning

Plein ROCKS!

People, even models, are small when next to a supercar and a main stage that is a racetrack, yet they were able to attract ample attention. The clothing in the collection sparkle and shimmer with embroideries, studs, spikes, and painted bold graphics. For menswear it is all about Rock and Roll. Macro Graphics adorn T-Shirts, pant legs and outwear. Exotic skins, including crocodile, are the luxe pieces in the collection and many of the jackets are stunningly cool. The menswear is designed with a ‘fuck-all’ attitude. Flaunt all that you have and live hard. Naturally all the denim is distressed, and t-shirts are emboldened with the designers name or his distinct graphics. The leather infused racing suit and the croc multi toned racing pants expanded the scope of the collection beyond the set of Grease. The Jeans, Tee’s and luxurious leather jackets exuded a nonchalant masculinity. The men and women were extensions of the hot rods that preceded them, complete with creeping flames, cobras, tigers and skulls and high gloss shine.