New York's #1 Luxury Consignment Shop

A delightful shopping experience awaits visitors at Michael’s, Madison Avenue’s luxury consignment shop in New York City and their user-friendly online shop. Long before the fast-fashion tidal wave and the call to sustainability were thrust on consumers, Michael’s understood that the appeal, beauty, craftsmanship, design, and style of luxury items endure. In choosing only mint condition high-end designers and accessories to consign, Michael’s is a shopping institution to its devoted and very chic clientele. For a special event, the holiday party or personal “gift to self” shopping the designer clothing and luxurious accessories at Michael’s is exciting. Rocking the perfect bag and shoes will give you a mighty lift and knowing your investment was a great deal will surely add to the high.


At Michael’s, a fifth-generation family business, now celebrating its 65th year in business, the highest priorities are placed on providing personalized shopping and presenting a seemingly endless array of high-end fashion-forward luxuries for consideration. Michael’s granddaughter Tammy Fluhr-Gates and her mother Laura Fluhr are fashion authorities with innate style and they have created a welcoming family-like atmosphere among their professional and dedicated associates. If fashion is your highest expression of personal freedom or if your preference is for quality elegance, you can indulge your style at Michael’s while saving money and enjoying white-glove personal service. Michaels.

Photography: David Lewis Taylor



Stepping out is no casual affair and the prefect accessories are key.