Runway Debut

IH NOM UH NIT launched in Paris with a 20-piece range in 2015 under Creative Director Chaz Jordan, the luxury label today has become known for its modern nod to European opulence with a street sensibility. For SS 19 the IH NOM UH NIT collection is inspired by the 2016 science fiction movie “Midnight Special.” Designer Chaz Jordan unveiled a cohesive urban collection infused with a charming interstellar feel.





Shimmering effects were rendered through the organza, crafted for short-sleeved shirts, hoodies, short pants and trousers, while a sweatshirt and a pair of trousers were printed with NASA-inspired graphics.

The main theme follows the story of the title film, Midnight Special, about a father and accomplice that must sacrifice all that they know to ensure the survival of a young boy with extraordinary abilities. Using this period of pop/youth culture as the backdrop, the term “midnight special“ evokes the thought of mystery and leads the mind to imagine the things that take place once the sun goes down.

An oversized pastel crocodile fanny pack accented with a pair of triple black sunglasses illustrate the line’s new product categories debuting this season. IH NOM UH NIT has refreshed its signature silhouettes and introduced its first full footwear collection along with a full line of accessories and sunglasses as main elements of the season.

Playing with color and fabrics shows their comfort and ability to apply their touch across a variety of textiles, silhouettes and product categories.

IH NOM UH NIT’s ability to continuously progress is undoubtedly present in this collection from the young fashion house. SS19 marks IH NOM UH NIT’s elevation and assertive entry into the category of luxury design.