Gucci FW 2017



Modern Alchemy

(Hurrican) Gucci FW 2017

Fashion’s carnival caravan of faux finery, bespoke luxury and bedazzled eclecticism achieved it apex with the Gucci Fall Winter 2017 runway show. The iconography of the House of Gucci, woven throughout the collection, matters less then creative director Alessandro Michele vision directly into the psyche of the most devout fashion aficionados. In this era of fractured and segmented markets the historical reputation of fashion houses hold very little appeal for the coming generation of gender-neutral fashion freaks. In the 1990’s Provocateur Tom Ford elevated the brands youthful, rebellious and highly sexual reputation. Ford designed for clients of certain means and a lifestyle that included power, freedom and luxury. In the Fall Winter 2017 collection there is nary one ‘practical’ piece of clothing and it matters not. Individuality triumphs and individual expression is limitless, was the prophecy that Michele foretold.





Inside The Alchemist's Garden

It is all there, boys, girls, Victorian, punk, floral prints, insect patches and jewelry, Orientalism, post-modern, glam-geeks, retro-chic, spandex, Tyrolean, and more, its Alessandro’s “personal garden,” – his accessorized wonderland. There is an abundance of exquisite detailing, stunning prints, captivating weaves and pearl detailing that is easily overlooked yet wondrous once observed. This collection, the bounty of a limitless imagination, is cause for celebration and perhaps a milestone for the conventions of fashion shows and fashion collections. When freedom of expression is so completely embraced, might gender definitive collections become a thing of the past. Story by David Lewis Taylor.





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