Christian Dior FW 2018



Dior FW 2018

Parody or proud, the iconic styles of the late 1960’s have never faded. With gravitas, anti-consumerism patchwork, revolutionary embroideries, craftsman crochets and flouncy prairie dresses propelled fashion forward while mirroring a societal demand for change. The sexual revolution, freedom of expression, the end of gender stereotypical dress norms and the advent of woman demanding equality, banished the prim and buttoned up styles the previous generation. Today, in France, the student uprisings of 1968 are being remembered in museum exhibitions and reflected upon in light of the demands for equality, liberation, and freedom in today’s political universe.





Reflecting on 1968

Dress For The Revolution

Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, a champion for the current women’s uprising, showed a modernist interpolation of ‘youth quake’ styles of change in her Christian Dior Fall Winter 2018 collection. The show started with the designers take on the modern suit, which was both mod and reminiscent of school uniform chic. The suits, paired with matching kilts, or sheer pleated shirts were equally empowering and relaxed. After the suits the show was all about color, craft, transparency and Dior’s new must-have belt.




Body Positive

The patchwork prints, shown in multi-color and blue denims, are tapestries, rich in detail. When paired with space age silver pants or jacket the blue patchwork prints looked progressive and chic. Sheer fabrics reveled the more athletic styles underpinnings on the models throughout the show. Providing a contrast to the frill of the fabrics and the delicate embroidery the body positive undergarments bespoke authority and confidence. A very fitting metaphor for revolution that is upon us today. Christian Dior.