Burntlime Outerwear Fall/Winter 2018





Created in 2011, Burntlime Canada is an luxury outerwear apparel line based in Toronto Canada. Burntlime Canada has been quietly making a name for itself in the suburbs of Markham, ON, Canada and Niagara Falls, where Chow and Koon operate two of their premium clothing boutiques, I.N. Surplus. True to their brand, the FW18 collection incorporates water repellant, anti-static fabric technology into luxury pieces, mixing eye-catching fabrics with ethically sourced fur trims. Standouts of the collection included a 2018 limited edition camo print bomber, and the innovative Uranium 3-in-1 jacket. The Burntlime Uranium transitional jacket was inspired by Chow’s own life and the need for outerwear that worked with the ever-changing Canadian weather. “I was inspired when I was shopping with my family one day, and I needed a jacket that was light enough to wear in the mall, but warm enough for me to get to my car,” Chow said. “So, every piece needed to be practical and fashionable. Listen, I’m a family man, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up my personal style. I want to invest in a good piece of clothing, which is stylish and versatile enough to take me into next season.”





Canadian Outerwear

Burntlime Style

Burntlime Canada continues to draw inspiration from the Canadian marketplace and will be answering the growing demand for alternatives to animal products by incorporating synthetic downs for FW19’s collection and creating a brand new waterproof collection for SS19.

Burntlime’s mission is to create strong and durable outerwear with trendy styling and modern silhouettes.  Burntlime designs for their clients, creating modern everyday outerwear with style, function, and affordability. For more about Burntlime Canada visit Burntlime.ca





Burntlime photography by Che Rosales - L A R A W A N.